My name is Helena Cuesta, I’m a freelance stylist based in Madrid-Spain and I have a jewellery brand called Them Bones Jewelry with my twin sister.




My makeup routine is really simple. I wash my face with the Avene Eau Thermale Mousse. Next, I apply lots of moisturizer because my skin is very dry. The light cream Hydrance by Ávene is perfect for me and I have used it since I was a teen.

If I have had a bad day I put on this mask by Kiehls, the Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque for five to ten minutes. It makes my face feel super soft and fresh.



The next thing I do is my eyebrows, they are the most important thing for me because I like to have BIG eyebrows. I use this wonderful product from the Effortless Eyebrow Definer in nº02 Sepia.

To cover imperfections I use the Touch Éclat Radiante Touch by YSL and if I have to go to an event I use the La Mer Powder with its pink case, so cute.

For my eyes, I use the Burberry Eye Colour Cream in Mink nº102. and the Volume Effet by Ysl Mascara. 

For my lips, first I use the Sisley Phyto Levres Perfect lip liner in rose and then several times throughout the day I will apply the Generation G in cake by Glossier to give them a thicker touch. Bigger lips for sure!

For my day to day makeup I use Carmex (cherry flavored lip balm). A friend recommended it to me and it is so good. It keeps my lips hydrated.

For my cheeks I use the Rouge Coco Lip Blush nº410, you can use it both for cheeks and lips. I put it on my cheeks and a bit on my nose to look tanned.

Finally last but not least, HIGHLIGHTER! I use the Haloscope by Glossier.



Le Labo sent me this shampoo made by Hinoki and Macadamia and it’s so good! Such a discovery. I have really long hair and sometimes it’s hard to comb but this shampoo makes it so easy! I’m absolutely in love. I alternate products, sometimes the shampoo and conditioner by Le Labo and other times a Kiehl’s Rice & Wheat Voluminizing Shampoo and the Miracle Nourish Conditioner from Aussie.



Right now I’m using the Le Labo Shower Gel made with Mandarin and Sesame, it smells amazing. To hydrate my skin I use Nivea. Normally I don’t wear perfume but the new fragrance by Alessandro Michele Gucci Bloom smells amazing.

This is my beauty routine!

Words, Helena Cuesta.