Summer is around the corner and with it, a love-hate relationship. While we had the best intentions to work out during winter, the reality of the situation is we’ve been sleeping in, scoffing back ham and cheese croissants, and wishing we’d done things differently.

Thankfully, we have a world of juice cleanses, spray tans and when all else fails, spanx, for the extra K Gees we’ve packed on. But one thing we often forget is hair. For the most part, our hair has spent the cooler months either pulled back into a tight bun, or heat treated within an inch of it’s life; blow dried, straightened or dyed until it resembles the texture of wafers. Superfine, crunchy, split. Not ideal.

So, before the inevitable onslaught of UV rays, salt water, styling and alcohol consumption that summer brings, there are a few things you should invest in to make sure your hair is looking its best self.

While you’re out picking up your Tome silk culottes and Celine slides, pop a few of these in your basket too. The main thing to remember is hydration. In the words of Zoolander, “Moisture is the essence of wetness. And wetness is the essence of beauty.” Amen dude.