If you’re like us, 2016 already feels like it’s dragging. We’re only a few months in and goddam, everything feels a little… weighed down. According to Susan Miller this month holds two eclipses, so basically everything is going haywire. Note to self: slow down on the spending (that VETEMENTS trench will have to wait).

And when we’re feeling a little up in the air, what we like to do is turn our attention to our beauty cabinet. Or rituals we can create to slow down, unwind and chill. And our number one go-to is usually a hair mask. Nothing makes you slow down more than running a bath, applying a mask to your hair, and relaxing for 20 minutes. Nothing to do, nothing to see, just breathe.

And this time of year is perfect for it. We assaulted our hair during summer  – daily shampoos (we know, we know, but the oil!), sun, salt, blow drying, straightener/curler use – we completely ignored any level of treatment.

So, go on, treat yourself, cost per wear is next to nothing.