Sunscreen. We get it. It’s important. We assume you don’t need us to spell out the facts when it comes to sun damage, ageing and applying it every day because unless you want to look like Keith Richards when you’re 50, we advise buying one.

We won’t lie though, we’ve been through years of not wearing sunscreen, and cringe when we think back to those reef oil glory days when we spent hours toasting our skin. But it was 1999, and we were young. Tan lines were more important than frown lines.

The problem is, we know there are a lot of terrible face sunscreens out there. Trust us, we’ve tried most of them. Too thick, too oily, pore clogging, breakouts….the holy grail is about a sheer silky texture that primes the skin for foundation, or better yet gives you glowing, make-up free skin.

So we’ve rounded up six of the best. Helpful hint: you should remove all traces of make-up and sunscreen at the end of the day and the best way to do that is by using an oil cleanser (no matter what your skin type). Our favourite? La Mer Cleansing Oil.