Hi, I’m Alvina Bokhari! I’m a model, artist, and entrepreneur based in New York. My most recent project was inspired by working in the industry as a Pakistani woman, and how important is it to highlight diversity. I created Brown Skin Girl apparel to uplift other people of color to feel proud and comfortable in their own skin. With that being said, I learned to love my skin but also am learning to take care of it as well!  I try to obtain healthy skin by being cautious of what I eat and to stay away from full coverage makeup. However, my skin has recently been extremely sensitive as my modelling career has picked up: different products being used on my face all the time made my skin either break-out or become dry, so I turned to Google and friends to help find what I think works best for me.


To exfoliate, I use Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Mask. I recently learned that exfoliating is vital for people with dry skin because it removes any dead skin that causes the skin to feel dry. I use the mask twice a week, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and helps with blemishes!


Face Oil

One of my favorite products I use for my skin is this oil. I use it at night as a serum before moisturizing. I originally started using it because a friend recommended it for acne scarring and discoloration. It definitely is effective and also brightens up my skin, leaving it super hydrated.



Most importantly and, I hate to sound like your mom, but sunscreen! I wear La Roche- Possay sunscreen because it doesn’t leave a white cast and is strong. I like to mix my foundation or bronzer with it to create a tinted mix. I was recommended this sunscreen because I recently broke out horribly and this sunscreen helps protect from scarring, while also protecting against wrinkles and sun discoloration!   


Eyebrow Gel

My makeup staples! I use MAKE’s Sculpting Eyebrow Gel and dew pot to create a natural look. I love the shape the gel creates with my eyebrows and the dew pot adds a nice dewy pop of color to my cheeks. I also like to add the dew pot to my eyelids. To finish my “no makeup” look I use Glossier’s Lip balm in Mint. I love the tingly feeling on my lips and the glossy look.



I use Shea Moisture Coconut spray. I was gifted a bunch of Shea Moisture products when I was introduced to this spray. My hair is naturally straight but gets tangly super easily. I spray this when my hair is damp and the spray helps detangle my toughest knots without damaging it. I also love the way it smells!