Hi! I’m Gabriella. I was born and raised in NYC and recently transferred to Parsons for Design and Technology. Previously I had been studying Computer Science but wanted to focus more on my creative side. I’ve always had a strong interest in art and photography, and have more recently become obsessed with design. Over this past summer, my boyfriend and I visited the design museum in Zürich and it quickly became one of my favorite places. In my free time, I enjoy making collages, taking photos, creating websites and working on other projects.

My philosophy about skincare and makeup has always been that less is more. I typically don’t wear much makeup and really try to focus on making my skin look its best! I’ve recently been interested in trying out bold eyeshadow colors. I think it would be fun to experiment with more makeup looks and eyeliners…maybe one day soon!



I’ve battled hormonal cystic acne for quite some time now and finally decided to get my IUD removed. Since doing so, my skin has really calmed down. I’m more focused on healing my skin and treating the hyperpigmentation left behind while preventing new breakouts.

My skin is combination/oily, but in the winter my cheeks get really dry. Any spots where I’ve used acne treatments also get super dry, so I love hydrating products that won’t break me out. I use Pai’s Rosehip Oil about three times a week for moisture and to help even out my skin tone. After the shower, when my skin is still damp I use about 3 drops. I like that it’s natural and I can see the difference in my skin when I wake up the morning after I use it. Avené Cicalfate Cream is really great for any spots that need healing or extra care. It’s a zinc cream that helps to hydrate and heal skin. I use it morning or night as needed – it also helps as extra sun protection.


I’ve never worn much makeup but wearing less definitely helps your skin. A good in-between product is Drunk Elephant’s D-Bronzi Serum . It isn’t too dark or orange,
it just makes you look more alive especially in the winter. I mix in a small amount with my moisturizer before applying sunscreen and other makeup.
For moisturizer, I use this one from La Roche-Posay. It’s a really good baseline moisturizer with few ingredients that help sensitive skin.

After moisturizing, I follow with Tarte Concealer on any blemishes/ remaining redness and use Glossier Concealer under my eyes. Then I use Glossier’s Cloud Paint in Haze and Lash Slick Mascara. If my skin is oily I’ll use Laura Mercier translucent powder on my t-zone. Sometimes I’ll use RMS Living Luminiser and I brush my eyebrows with clear gel.

I love to have colour on my lips but always use something sheer. Chanel Healthy Glow Lip Balm in Deep is my go to – it’s reasonably priced and feels really nice on. I was using Dior Lip Glow in Berry which was always my favorite but they’re pretty similar. Revlon Kiss Balm is an amazing drugstore option, it just shows up a bit more pink on me.


Night Time Rituals

I’m obsessed with lip care in general – I exfoliate often and am always applying different balms. I love using the Laneige Vanilla Lip Mask at night, I always wake up with plump lips and it really stays on!

Most nights I drink tea and light a candle to unwind from my day. My current favorite is Diptyque’s Ambre Candle, it smells so cozy.



I’m really picky when it comes to beauty products and especially about lotions. It’s so hard to find the perfect one! This one by Necessaire is my new favorite because it absorbs so quickly, you can get dressed right away and it’s really moisturizing. I never thought I’d like an unscented lotion because choosing the scent is part of the fun, but this changed my mind. If I feel like adding scent I mix in some of this Nuxe Oil, they work really well together.