OK, so let’s be honest – every year Father’s Day wraps around, it’s highly likely that we haven’t thought about, or bought a gift for our Dads. And if yours is anything like ours, he’s already been given every style, colour and fit of underwear and socks around (sorry, Dad), and you’re scratching your head thinking about what voucher or foodie ‘experience’ you can buy to make it look like you’ve…tried.

But here’s the thing: Dads, bless them, are extremely simple creatures. Chances are, all he wants is a bottle of scotch and an hour to himself to watch the footy.

But we’ve noticed a trend lately, and it’s been driven largely by the likes of The Kanye and The Beckham Dads of the world – they’re getting younger, cooler and more likely to be wearing a cashmere scarf (yes really) and the latest pair of Common Projects sneakers than a Coogi jumper and hush puppies.

So this is the Dad we have in mind when rounding up the latest beauty gear you can buy right now to impress hard. Click through the gallery to see more.

By Carlie Fowler.

Pictured: Jeff Lack, author of “IndulGENT – a complete style guide for the modern man” and baby, Celeste Mathison.