If you were born with freckles, you’ve probably spent your whole life cursing them, covering them up, slathering yourself in sunscreen to stop them multiplying or, if you’re really a boss about it, looking at more permanent solutions to make them RIP.

We get it – idyllic freckles are those that are scattered lightly across the bridge of the nose on an otherwise perfect complexion. They’re also the kind that pretty much no one is actually born with (hey guys, no one said life was going to be easy).

And while we’ve always been advocates for raw, real, untainted beauty, we haven’t begged for a full face of freckles since The Parent Trap – that is, until Preen went one better and covered their models head-to-toe in them this season.

We know we’re always banging on about tips and tricks for an even complexion, and we don’t mean to do a complete 180, but when we learned that the one-and-only Gisele instructs her make-up artists to draw her freckles back on after foundation because it tricks people into thinking she’s wearing less make-up, naturally, we followed suit.

All you need is a couple of eyebrow pencils and a minute to spare. Prepare to be amazed…

By Carmen Hamilton.