If you took every hyperbolic thing I said literally (as in, the definition that predates the internet) my life would “change” 7 days a week, on average. Whether by way of a power peel, the combination of aloe, rosewater, and herbs, the line-up of the best moisturisers in the biz, or in this case the Face Massager that changed my life, I’d become a reinvented woman as frequently as you eat smashed avocado on toast.

Thankfully, you’re a discerning bunch, and can thus tell the difference between a life-changing event – winning the lottery, moving overseas, breaking up with a long-term partner – and my assignment of the word to things that are probably not going to seriously alter the course of my existence here on Earth.

The latest product that probably hasn’t significantly changed my life, but that has definitely made my skin much more palatable to the eye, is The Body Shop’s Twin-Ball Revitalising Face Massager.

Up until very recently, my fingers played the role of masseuse to my face. They were to the facial massager what a 60-minute budget Thai massage is to an afternoon spent at Endota Spa. Nice, but decidedly inferior.

Massaging your face is really good for it. This nifty little mate helps to stimulate circulation and improve blood flow, which brightens and firms the skin.

And, it’s simple to use if you follow our 5-step process. Say “laters” to your former life, guys, because this massager is about to mother flippin’ CHANGE it!

Just kidding – but it will help to give you a way brighter complexion by improving your skin’s elasticity and reducing puffiness/wrinkles. Here goes!

Words, Madeleine Woon. Photography, Dakota Gordon.