We have a confession to make.. we don’t use an eye cream. There, we said it. And judging by a little recon we did with our friends (Q: ‘hey, do you use an eye cream?’ A: ‘nuh’, or ‘my mum does’), most people in their 20s (even 30s and 40s) don’t. Eye cream just isn’t seductive like potent retinol serums that promise to even-out your skin tone and shrink your pores overnight.

So, we wondered, do we really need one? And when should we get serious about adding this extra step to our skincare routines? The simple answer to that question is: the time is now.

To be honest, we’ve been putting it off. Partially due to laziness, partly because we’ve been living in blissful ignorance. ‘It’s a marketing ploy’, ‘I don’t need one of those ’till I’m 40′ and ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’ were some of our favourite justifications.

That is, until we got the 411.

If you want to put your ‘visible’ age on pause, you’ve gotta get in early with some preventative measures – the first being sunscreen, and the second eye cream (forget what they told you – the eyes are actually a window to your youth, double shot vodkas, too many ‘social’ cigarettes and late nights).

We hate to break it to you, but fine lines, darkness, that ‘sunken-in’ look, dryness and puffiness creep up on everyone eventually because the skin around the eyes is naturally thinner, but it also gets the biggest workout through through expression.

This, you can’t help (it’s called life), but what you can do is pump the area with hydration, antioxidants and a few super anti-agers to slow the process down as much as possible.

Here’s the ones that are totally worth it.

By Carmen Hamilton.