In a perfect world, we’d all be able to afford the luxury of a live-in dermatologist, who would stand by our sides, morning and evening, to offer counsel for our skin. Because the world is flawed, the next best thing we could think of was to ask you what skin issues were plaguing you, and then have your favourite experts answer them. Consider us your skincare medium to the ~other side~. Today’s expert, Dr Dennis Gross, sums up retinol.

What is the best age for one to begin using retinol? Is it possible to introduce your skin to retinol too early on?

Retinol works so dramatically well. It gives you visible improvement in minutes. Done right, retinol is a very, very powerful tool, and is applicable to everyone, [whether] in their 20s or 60s. There is no right or wrong age [to start]  anyone who is serious about anti-ageing, whether it be preventative or restorative, should have retinol in their routine. Whatever your ageing concern is, your skin will look better with retinol. Continued use will treat discoloration and leave skin looking brighter, younger, and more alive.


Photography, Blair Gauld. Model, Sian Henderson at IMG.