As anyone who works a full-time, 8-6 job would know, the grind sux. It’s relentless. You find yourself in a regular ground hog day special where it’s wake, work, home, wheel of cheese, Netflix, bed.  Eventually you get to the point where no amount of double shot macchiato’s can give you the energy you need to deal.

So we’re always looking for something to take the edge off. For some people it’s massage, for others it’s a merlot (or two…) and there’s those who swear that a warm epsom salt bath does the trick.

We’ve even tried the odd essential oil in the past, (hell we’ll try anything) either lavender or chamomile, with less than impressive results.

But we’ve just discovered there’s probably a very good reason for that. When you buy an essential oil at the health food store, you’d think that it contains 100% of the essential oil, right? Right?  Wrong.

What you’re actually getting is only 10% of the essential oil and 90% “multi-purpose liquid”. At around 30 or 40 bucks a pop, we kind of expected more.

So for the most part, you’re pretty much buying filler, so they might smell nice, but that’s pretty much it. Now we know why all those Lavender baths did sweet FA.

Back in the day, the ancients knew what they were on about. Essential oils were used to treat every everything from insomnia to infections and even infertility.  In their purest state, 100% essential oils have been known to have the power to profoundly heal and we reckon they would give most commercial products a big run for their money.

So we did some digging around, and it seems that only a couple of brands actually make 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil, and the pick of the bunch is Utah based, Young Living. No additives, no shortcuts and from what we’ve been seeing, they’re the real deal.

We’ve been applying & diffusing these essential oils for the past few months and we’re giving you our round-up of the ones you need to buy.

Oh and also Young Living have hooked us up with 25% off all purchases. Email [email protected] for more deets.