We’ve been totally obsessed with 18-year-old vegan model and youtube super star Essena O’Neill for a while now – her chilled vibe, informative vegan vlogs and the fact that she appears to have more going on at 18 than we do at 28… she’s like the BFF we wish we had on speed dial.

Squarely on a mission to inspire and empower young women across the Pacific ocean (with over 500K followers we’d say she’s pretty much kicking goals on all accounts), O’Neill splits her time between Australia and LA and yet somehow still manages to look amazing straight off the plane. Actually, she kinda radiates all year round.

Intrigued by her vegan glow and seemingly never-ending stores of energy, we just had to hit her up for her favourite beauty buys and her tips on how to adapt vegan skin-loving foods into our diets. Read on for instant enlightenment.

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