The best beauty tonic is the sea. There’s nothing better than swimming at sunrise — diving into the water and feeling the cool, salty tingle on your skin. It’s the only way to wake up, and it does wonders for your skin and hair. My partner and I swim every morning at the ocean baths at Bronte, where the oldies now know us by name. 

As fantastic as the ocean may be, it’s not a practical, all-encompassing beauty treatment for most of us. Living in Australia, and being a part of a culture that is completely addicted to the sun, means that beauty is all about protection and hydration. I also work in comm’s — which can sometimes be difficult to explain, especially to grandparents and small children. I recently told my three-year-old nephew that I “throw parties for a living,” which isn’t entirely untrue. I like to tell myself I get paid to tell people and about meaningful brands that I love and that they should too. Anyway, it’s important that I look fresh-faced and professional, but I still don’t want to be missing out on sleep every morning with a time-consuming beauty regime. 

I believe in beauty products that give you the time to enjoy the things you really love, to make memories not looks, which means embracing wet hair and letting go of the idea of perfection. For me, a perfect blow-dry, although killer on a night out, is a time-waste if done everyday. I’d prefer to have a small selection of effective and reliable products that take up as little time as possible because, at the end of the day, I’d rather be sipping a cocktail and laughing with loved ones (or catching a few more z’s in the morning) than perfecting my liquid eyeliner at home. So, here are a few of my relatively fuss-free go-to products. 



Loewe 001 Woman 

I think everyone deserves to have a signature scent. It’s a reminder that you’re here, adding just as much character as any outfit you could wear, but unlike any outfit you can wear it everyday. Memorable scents can do powerful things — bring back vivid memories, enhance confidence, make hormones run wild, and even bring a sense of comfort. (E.g. My Nan smells like powder, so that scent for me is super nostalgic and calming. It makes me feel at home.) Loewe 001 Woman started out as a chance purchase on a holiday but wound up being my year-round scent. Maybe it’s the holiday connection, but it puts me in the right mood every morning. 


Chanel Precision Eyelash Curler

I don’t have a dog so this eyelash curler has become my best friend. After swimming at the end of the day, I don’t want to arrive at dinner looking like I’m in mourning; in place of mascara, my curler gives me long, defined lashes with no post-swim panda eye. I don’t wear mascara everyday because I have a theory that rubbing makeup off my eyes every night might age me prematurely. So I just use this Chanel curler and I’m out the door. It has silicone refill pads which is trés hygienic. If it’s party time, however, I use Chanel Inimitable Mascara in brown. 


Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment

This face treatment is best used with Netflix or a great book. I use it three times a week — just massage 3-5 drops into your face and neck and put another layer on before bed. At the same time I’ll use a hair mask (Wella SP Repair) and just truly veg out. Considering I hardly spend much time prepping during the week, this is the hydration I really need. 


Aesop Protective Body Lotion SPF 50

As I said, the Australian sun is relentless and we’re relentless in getting out and under it. It’ll love you and leave you looking like an old leather handbag. My grandmother and mother were adamant about using sun protection every day (they are living proof of the benefits to this vampire-like sun sensibility), and it was something they drummed into me since we grew up at the beach. I used to find any excuse to switch out the sunscreen and hat for tanning oil and reflectors but… those days are well gone. I want to enjoy the sun and receive all the energy it has to offer, but not pay the price with sun damage. I layer this SPF 50 over a serum every morning, and lather it all over my body at the beach. It gives the most beautiful sheen that’s better than any highlighter (and it smells super fresh). Also, no hat, no play! I believe a hat belongs in your beauty regime just as much as any cream. 


Chanel Le Gel Sourcils Eyebrow Gel

The other day two of my colleagues mentioned that my brows were taking on a life of their own and told me I needed to step in and sort them out. I have spent years of time and energy resisting the plucking urge, in an attempt to grow them into thick beautiful pieces of art, and so, with reluctance and slight horror at my so-called friends’ advice, I went and checked them out in the mirror. They were right…. It seems everyone is obsessed with thick brows, but when you start to resemble Sandy Cohen, it’s time for some maintenance. This gel tames, thickens and slightly colours the eyebrows, very naturally. Apart from sunscreen, it’s the only product I wear some days.