As a model I’m always on the go with limited room in my bags. Thus I’ve had to seek out the products that are actually reliable. For many people beauty products are fun and exciting and glamorous but for models they’re a tool that dictates how a day at work will go and whether or not we get the job. Which is where quality and ingredients come into play. Everything thing on my list will treat your skin with respect, so naturally I’m obsessed. So here is a list of products I’ve used till the bitter end and reordered with confidence!

NOTO Hydra Highlighter

You want to glow? You can glow. Gloria NOTO makes the creamiest warmest pot of highlighter I’ve found. I’ve been using this for years. I love it because gives you gloss and glow and shine and lets your skin breathe (looks amazing with no other makeup on).


Kosås Stardust lipstick

The perfect natural pink lip color (not beige, the actual color of my lips ;). Moisturizes and lasts. Perfect for the days when you’re feeling pale and need a little boost without making a big statement.


J.Hannah Seven Free Nailpolish (Agnes)

The ultimate nude nail color for my weird pale olive complexion. Doesn’t give you a headache when you put it on, lasts for multiple shoots, & doesn’t crack.


Ole Henriksen Hygge HydraClay Detox Mask

It moisturizes and cleans your pores?! And it doesn’t make your skin uncomfortable, I always have the problem with clay masks that I can’t leave the house for 30min afterwards… this one will have you wanting to go outside!


Weleda Skinfood

Oh Weleda what would I do without you? This is the go to for fashion week when it’s cold and our skin has had all it can take. A hardcore cream that fixes everything.


Zuzu Luxe Concealer

I’m a firm believer that concealer is what dries me out the most so finding one that didn’t leave me needing a sheet mask afterwards was a serious battle. But we made it!