Hi, I am Elissa…nice to meet you! Being born and raised in Los Angeles, I naturally love exploring—new cities, new restaurants, new museums, new workouts (sometimes)…and yes, new products. I am a believer in the saying “sharing is caring”, so I am always sharing and comparing new beauty finds with my close friends (ever heard of Homeoplasmine Cream?!). I’m an extrovert, though I do notice that when I don’t get a bit of alone time, I start to feel crazy. Because of this…you can find me in a bath for hours, my local coffee shop with a good read in hand, or even a nice dinner alone (sometimes the waiters look at me with a look of pity, and I just say “no…I’m eating alone…on purpose”. Ha!)

I am so fortunate to have been surrounded by amazing women who have inspired me in infinite ways, one of them being in my approach to beauty. I got my skin-first philosophy from my Mom. She barely wears makeup; I’ve maybe seen her wear foundation five times in my life. That being said, she did pass down some amazing tricks in the makeup department—like highlighting your cupid’s bow to give the illusion of fuller lips, or using your toothbrush as a lip exfoliant (trust me, this works.)

I’ve tried a lot of products, but have found that for everyday, simplicity is key…though I’m not afraid to really go for a LOOK when I feel like it…even if I’m just going to the grocery store. Find below my holy grail products, most of which I use every single day.


Rosehip Oil

If there was only one beauty product I could use for the rest of my life, it’d be Rosehip Oil. Sounds extreme, I know…but really, this product has changed my skin. I have tried a lot of different moisturizers, oils, masks, etc. in my 18 years of life…probably more than I’d care to admit, but I can confirm that nothing compares to my $13 rosehip oil.


Eyelash Curler

There is nothing that says “hi I woke up like this” like unbrushed hair and perfectly curled eyelashes. My tip if you want to keep a natural look: skip the mascara and it’ll really just look like your eyelashes are just naturally perfectly curled…and who doesn’t want that?! Of course, the eyelash curler is also a necessity if you’re the kind of person that loves piling on mascara, because the curl will make sure that the weight of the mascara doesn’t make your eyelashes fall downwards. 


1509 Oil

I don’t leave my house without A LOT of 1509 oil. Maybe I’m in sweats and I forgot to put my moisturizer on, but I most definitely did not forget my oil.  Why? Because scent is so important to me and even if everything else is a disaster, smelling good sort of feels like it helps. Logically, this thought process makes no sense, but it’s just how I feel. Wear it alone, mixed with your other perfumes, in your hair, etc. The best part is it smells different on everyone because it mixes with your natural oils in your body. I always carry one in my purse, and on average, probably apply it 9 times a day, which isn’t great for my wallet, but…



Holy grail product right here. Chapped lips? Check. Sunburn? Check. Cuticles? Check. My point is Homeoplasmine will work for everything and anything, and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t use it. This is a product that’s been on the market for years, so clearly, they’re doing something right! And it’s French. Need I say more?!


Hourglass Concealer

As you can tell from the products mentioned above, I’m all about products that can transition between day and night and that can just as easily be applied in the mirror of your car or in a public restroom as at your vanity. This Hourglass concealer is always in my purse. It’s compact and blends in super easily. Bonus: my friends are always very thankful when in need of a touch up.


Eyebrow Gel

Huge thank you to the woman working the beauty section at my local Rite Aid for introducing me to the best eyebrow gel in the world. Yes, I said it…because if it can successfully tame my unruly brows, it can definitely tame yours. I never, ever pluck the shape of my eyebrows, and they’re pretty thick…so when it comes to products, less is more. This is clear, and it holds eyebrows in place without becoming crusty/flaky.