G’DAY! My name is Joanne Palmaro. I am a French actress, screenwriter, and model living between Paris, Amalfi Coast and Sydney for a month once a year. I love this city because it reminds me of home.

I was born in Villefranche-sur-Mer, in the south of France by the water, which is my element. The sun and salt water help my mind, body and soul. When I travel, I try to keep it as simple as possible and since I hate routine, I like to change it up. For my work, it is important to maintain a healthy and revitalising lifestyle which is easy to do in Sydney, thanks to the health food culture, natural beauty of the city, which makes it a lot easier to keep up a consistent exercise regime. Here, a lot more is done before 11 a.m…which is the time people usually wake up in Paris. It’s a healthy change from the French luxuries of cheese, wine, and cigarettes. I like to call it “Australian rehab.”

 Beauty for me is compassion and elegance. It has to be effortless.

For My Face

I start the day by rinsing my face with cold water and then tapping it lightly with my palms to stimulate the circulation like my grandfather did when putting on his cologne. During the day, I use Moisture Surge and Pep Start by Clinique. They are both perfect for my salty skin. The first product is based on aloe vera, one of my favorite substances because it does so, naturally. During the night, I use Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum, which heals my skin over time. Once a week I use a Queen’s Premium Mask from Japan, I pretty much look like the mask on the picture. It’s a revitalising experience.



I always have dark circles under my eyes, Capture Eye Serum from Dior is my favorite to get rid of them. I use La Micro Huile de Rose from Dior for my neck. We have a tendency to forget to care about our necks, though we should always remember as its the first place to age – the same goes for our hands. I like to use highlights and shadows by Dior and Burberry Lip Gloss when I go out.

My make-up routine consists of a little powder from Bare Minerals, a dab of Lucas Paw Paw on my lips and a bit of Chanel Mascara (I like to use the brown one for a more natural look).


Body Care

After showers, I love Esterel Thomsen’s Beauty Orange Blossom. It smells fantastic and not only because it’s a new range of product made by some dear childhood friends of mine in the south of France. It’s 100% natural, so you only have 6 months to use it after opening. Needless to say, it’s a change for the environment we need to make.

My favourite hand sanitiser is Australian – Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash and to protect from the harsh Australian sun I use Anessa 50+ Perfect UV Sunscreen.



My hair is wild but once a week I go crazy and I give it 100 coups de brosse. This is a French expression which means to stroke your hair 100 times if you want it to be beautiful. I love Moroccan aromas so I use Argan Oil for my hair tips. For festive occasions, I use Gold Dust from David Mallet for a touch of shimmer.


My Scent

I have worn Alien by Thierry Mugler since I was 15. This scent has been with me every step of the way.