How to do the flick

Ok, we’re just going to throw it out there – the side part, middle part.. they’re all a bit done.

We’re not saying we’ll never wear a middle part again, but right now we’re all about hair that’s done to look undone… and that calls for a bit of I-just-stepped-out-of-the-ocean-texture and a generous side flick.

Why? Let’s just say it’s the non-committal part (you don’t have to choose a side), it looks better on unwashed hair (a bit of lived-in gritty texture gives it volume) and it’s the quickest way to hide oily roots (see how to do that here).

It’s also our go-to do’ for winter – just flick it over and tuck it into an oversized coat = total nonchalance.

Oh, and if you’re in the need for some #inspo, our girl Pip Edwards has it down to a fine art.

Here’s how to nail it every time in two quick steps.

By Carmen Hamilton.