Welcome to our annual skincare awards, guys! It was a lengthy, at-times difficult process, but we managed to whittle all the best skincare products we’ve been using this year down year to five. These are the true desert-island skincare products. The ones we keep re-purchasing, find ourselves gushing to our best friends about, and wouldn’t be afraid to take back home to meet the parents.

I think if I write one more article declaring my love for Dermalogica, someone from their team is going to turn up to my desk with an AVO in their hand (not to be confused with avocado). “Stalker, much?” is probably what they rightly say each time they flick through a new article, whereby I talk about their products as if they were my husband of thirty years. If only they could see me in action IRL *evil laughter*. Every time a friend mentions a new product they’re using, I go all Kanye West to Taylor Swift circa VMAs 2009* on their ass. “Imma let you finish, but Dermalogica has one of the best cleansers of all time! The BEST cleansers of all time!!!!!”

I think you get the picture. Today is no different, friends and stalkees. Until Dermalogica stop making products that stave off my redness and give my cheeks the little bit of extra plumpness they deserve, I’m going to continue pumping out articles laden with grossly OTT adjectives, that are p. much the written equivalent of a severe case of PDA.

In today’s open love letter, I detail the step in your skincare routine you never knew you needed, but will now never be able to live without. Yep: It’s Step Zero, your Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm. Mind obliterated? Thought so. Read on to find out why your face is never gon’ be the same again.

Step One

Get to know your new pal. Everyone, Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm, Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm, everyone.


Step Two

Dab a pecan-sized amount of the PreCleanse Balm onto your unworthy little hands.


Step Three

Go nuts applying the PreCleanse to your whole face in circular motions while I figure out a way to include a nut reference in every subsequent step.


Step Four

Add some water, lest your face winds up feeling more parched than… a mouth full of beer nuts (and the crowd goes mild).


Step Five

Massage the product into your face. This will help to emulsify and further activate the product… like an almond. It will also bid adieu to any makeup/impurities. Nice one.


Step Six

Rinse and dry your face. Follow up with your other favourite Dermalogica prodz. I’ll cashew you in the club looking like a goddess.



*Can we talk about how it’s been eight years since this happened? What the flip. I feel old and sad.


Words, Madeleine Woon. Photography, Blair Gauld. Model, Britt Odell at Priscillas.