Welcome to this week’s round of THE EDIT, where we take a whirl around some our favourite creative women’s beauty cabinets. This time around it’s Dana Schwartz, the endlessly talented Vice President of Fashion at Wetherly PR Group.

So here’s the deal; NYC Fashion PR girls are generally amongst the world’s most stylish in the world, and their beauty cabinets never disappoint. So when we got the chance to rifle through Dana’s shelves, we jumped at the chance.

Her daily routine proves she’s a woman after our own heart. Her approach to beauty is almost romantic; she oscillates between 12 fragrances, which she would spritz on handwritten letters if she ever found herself writing them, and the smell of her face oil transports her to the Swiss Alps. But she’s also incredibly knowledgeable on the products that work for her — she’s used the same face wash for 20 years, and has managed to keep her hyper pigmentation and redness at bay through a combination of her trusted mask and moisturisers.

We hit the beauty up for tips and she more than came back with the goods. Get to know her fave beauty products below (and feel inspired to treat your skin with way more reverence along the way).

Fresh Seaberry Moisturising Face Oil


I’ve always found face oils a little confusing — technically they don’t really moisturise, they just trap moisturiser. This Seaberry moisturising face oil really absorbs into the skin though. Sometimes I mix it into a light face lotion for even better absorption and sometimes I layer moisturiser on top. The real genius is when I learned to lightly dap this with my fingers on top of my makeup — it adds the most amazing dewy glow and locks everything in place. It also smells like what I imagine a spa in the Swiss Alps would smell like.


Tom Ford Neroli Portofino


I love fragrances and anything that smells good. Candles, diffusers, fancy hand soaps — my entire apartment is layered with scents. If I wrote handwritten letters, I would spray them with perfume. I probably have about 12 scents I alternate between, but my all-time favourite Is Tom Ford Neroli Portofino. It’s fresh, unique, soft and strong. Years later I still always get compliments on it and it will forever be part of my scent rotation. Lately, I’ve been mixing it in with D.S & Durga Coriander which is green and woodsy and perfect for winter.


Philosophy Purity Made Simple One Step Facial Cleanser


I’ve probably been using this face wash for 20 years. Before the concept of double cleansing was a thing, I was doing that with this. It is the best makeup remover and my first step to any cleansing routine. I use this to remove makeup at night before I cleanse in the mornings it’s the perfect light and soothing face wash to start the day. It’s never irritated the skin and really gets everything off. I also love the scent, which after so many years of using it, is super familiar and comforting.


Alchimie Forever Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask


In my 20s, I developed some hyper pigmentation, which has been a constant battle for me. This mask is the first product I’ve used that actually makes a noticeable brightening difference in my skin. The trick is to apply it lightly as a sleep mask and wash it off in the morning instead of applying it as a traditional mask. When I wake up, my skin is noticeably more even; it also reduced redness which can exacerbate any pigmentation. Doesn’t hurt that it smells divine either.


Living Proof Dry Volume Blast


I have fine hair and live for any dry texturising and volume sprays — this is the best one I’ve found after a lot of trial and error. It manages to be very strong and airy at the same time, so no helmet hair. It also has some oil absorbing properties so it extends your blowout a little, which is a godsend for me because I hate washing my hair. I use it every single day – sometimes to the point that my head is probably highly flammable, but it’s addictive and I can actually fool people into believing that I have naturally luscious hair.


Naturopathica Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream


I discovered this mosituriser from one of the amazing skin therapists at Heyday in New York, where I get regular facials. It is deeply nourishing and has calendula in it, which is anti-inflammatory and really calms my skin down, reduces redness and adds much needed bounce. It’s the perfect simple daily moisturiser and I’ve gone through 5 jars of it over the last 2 years — a little goes a long way though. It’s great to layer under sunscreen because it’s so easily absorbed.