The no make-up look is our daily MO. Why? Because it takes minimal time and it looks good.  Tinted moisturiser, touch of concealer around the nose and under the eyes, light coating of mascara top and bottom and we’re done.  Most days.

Hair is a different story. Achieving the kind of worn in, day after look can often involve multiple products, including but not limited to a hair dryer, dry shampoo, texturising spray, sea salt spray, potentially a volume mousse, or if you’re really committed, sleeping in damp braids the night before.

So recently, when we spotted Dakota Fanning in NYC looking totally grunge, chanelling Courtney Love in the 90s, all bleached don’t care hair, we wanted to re-create it. Because man, it’s the ultimate. Once you’ve created it, it should last for days.

Click through to see how it’s done.