Like many of us, Dakota Butler is a firm believer in cheap mascara. While she’s a no-frills kind of gal when it comes to the stuff she slaps on her lashes, this certainly doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to look after her skin. Masks, balms, and dry brushes line her cabinet, helping to keep that #blessed skin plump. She’s also very adept at living her best life—cocktails, swish hotel rooms, and bougie food typify her Instagram, which will unlock the type of FOMO you never knew existed. Her product recommendations are no exception—get to know them below!

Glossier Balm Dotcom

“The only thing I ever wear on my lips is a good lip balm. I’ve tried so many, but this is the one I’ve had the longest. I’m fully aware it’s just Vaseline, but I can’t resist the packaging. I use every tube all the way up until it’s completely flat. My lips are always soft—I’m sure a few people can attest to that—and without it I feel like I can’t go about my day.”


Dr. Jart Brightening Infusion Hydrogel Mask

“This is the best mask I’ve come across. After long weekends (or full weeks) of partying, I just slap this on my face—no one will know I haven’t slept in weeks. My skin is bright and radiant for the whole day, and the dark circles under my eyes are less noticeable.”



“​I must admit, I am blessed with reasonably good skin (blessed as in I take birth control), but on the off occasion I do break out, I want it gone ASAP. This stuff is magic—it literally takes two nights to dry up any unpleasantries that might pop up on my face. I just dab it on at night with a Q-tip, and that’s that. I read about it somewhere, though I can’t be sure where. I just know it’s a French skincare staple, and makes me feel fancy.”


Dry Body Brushing

“​I like to dry brush at least twice a week, before I shower and before I shave. My skin has been smoother and brighter since I started using one, and although I sometimes find it time-consuming (and slightly uncomfortable on sensitive skin), my skin seriously thanks me.”


Covergirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara

“Like all the women in my family, I rarely wear makeup. Whenever I do, it’s only mascara. I’m a firm believer that cheap, drugstore mascara is just as good (if not better) than the high-end variety. I like to buy this one in Very Black because it stays on longer, and I only ever do one coat. An eyelash curler is also a must for someone who has short, straight eyelashes like I do.”


Words, Madeleine Woon.