Hello! My name is Constanze Saemann and I’m from a small town in Germany. I fell in love with New York City a couple years ago when I first went there for a modelling job and then moved pretty much straight after. Even though I’m based in NY, I’m constantly traveling. If I’m not working, I try to escape the city as much as possible and explore new places; I just love to get into nature and sleep in a tent or a camper van!

My skin is usually quite dry and sensitive, so I always try to drink as much water as possible and have a healthy diet. Also, I find that my skin always looks best when I feel good from within. Usually, I try and find a little moment every day for peace and to just be…it helps me a lot. Besides that a good night’s sleep is also always key – I’ve had naturally dark circles my whole life – so if I don’t sleep, they get even worse!


Glossier - Boy Brow

I recently started using this Eye Brow Gel , as I wanted my eyebrows to stay up all day. It’s done a good job with that so far!


Dr. Hauschka - Clarifying Clay Mask

Being from Germany, I always loved using German brands like Dr. Hauschka or Weleda. They are mostly natural and work wonders on my skin. This clay mask is pure clay and doesn’t have anything additional added which is nice. I use it mostly when my skin feels oily or after a long flight to make it feel new again.


Bobbi Brown - Concealer

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Bobbi Brown on photo shoots, so I’ve been lucky enough to sample a lot of her products. This concealer is one of my favourites as it’s one of the only ones that can cover my dark circles. It’s also even more fun wearing it when you know who has made it!


Basium - Perfume Oil

I’m working on my own natural Perfume Oil line called Basium, which uses 100% organic and sustainable oils. I’m in the testing process at the moment and still attempting to perfect my scents. I’m always carrying samples of my latest mixtures around and put it on whenever I need a little lift up.


Caudalie - Eau De Beauté

I use this face mist every morning and I just love it! It makes my skin look fresher and smoother. It also has the most divine smell.