After a few too many late nights, an inbox full of too many people with too many questions and Mercury going into retrograde for the 800th time (piss off Mercury), our skin was crying out for a treatment. Something that was going to do a total reno on the surface – we wanted fine lines, dull skin, dryness and all of the weekend’s toxins out of our lives.

Basically we wanted to look like Gigi. Without the dermatologist price tag, or hours of down time.

So when we heard that dermatologist, Dr. Colbert MD, AKA the-best-bloody-dermatologist-in-Hollywood, had his own line of treatment products – we were totally psyched. He’s kind of a big deal. Anything with his name on it and you know you’re in the right hands. Sienna sees him. Angelina sees him. VB sees him. Enough said.

Famous for his Triad Facial – a three-part process including gentle microdermabrasion, laser toning to even pigmentation, and finally a gentle chemical peel that ‘imparts a fresh, youthful radiance and silkiness to skin’ – he knows his stuff.

So we decided to try his MD Intensify Facial Disks. Basically these little suckers are a DIY microdermabrasion, in 60 seconds or less. They brighten skin, even out pigmentation, and minimise pores by boosting cell turnover.

And let us tell you this: they work. Instantly. As in, they brightened our skin, and minimised our pores. Visibly. After 4 weeks of using them, pigmentation was less visible (the uneven patchy parts on our forehead lightened – Tick).

In short The Doc is a genius. We recommend forking out the cash. Cheaper than a trip to LA and a Triad Facial.

Get them here.