You may or may not have already read about my journey with a particular autoimmune disease. A quick recap:  as it turns out, somewhat ironically, the diagnosis was the best thing that could have happened to my skin (please feel free to read about that here and here). Soon enough, I realized that in order to take care of my overall health, I first needed to take a closer look at what was going on with its largest organ: my skin.

It was at that time, a little over a year ago, that I began dipping my toes into the cold-pressed oils waters of clean beauty. At first, though, I really wasn’t sure where to start. Sephora’s clean beauty section is disappointingly small – although they absolutely deserve some credit for having one at all! I also didn’t want to order a bunch of product online, without having ever tested it. Luckily, in New York, the clean beauty market is growing rapidly giving clean beauty seekers everywhere the chance to swatch and sample to your heart’s content.

If you happen to live in New York, or are planning a future trip, make sure you book in a treatment at one of these clean beauty salons, fill beauty bag while you’re at while you’re at it and #NeverRegret again.


Credo Beauty

Credo is one of the first stores I visited when I decided to make the switch to clean beauty. They had recently opened a store in my neighborhood and housed the largest collection of indie and luxury non-toxic skincare and beauty products I could wish for. Holding every product they carry to their “Credo Clean Standard”, they ask brands to avoid dozens of ingredients on their “Dirty List” while also addressing transparency in ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, and marketing. They have every type of product you could need from skincare, makeup, haircare, and even self-tanners. Highly. Recommend. 



Studio Britta

The word “spa” doesn’t feel quite right when describing Studio Britta. Led by top holistic facialist Britta Plug, their massage based-facials and acupuncture treatments are driven by the core principles of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. I first learned about Gua Sha, a form of facial massage, from a facial at Studio Britta. After seeing the results of my newfound jawline and cheekbones, I immediately watched all of her Instagram videos and added Gua Sha to my daily routine. The space is calm and beautiful, and the team is some of the loveliest people I’ve met. From the warmed beds to the rose quartz and crystal tools they use, every detail is carefully considered. They also offer special packages for brides, which is something I’ll absolutely be looking into before my upcoming wedding.



Cap Beauty

Walking into West Village’s Cap feels like you’re walking into a sacred space. Step into the intimate and beautiful space and you’ll find a highly-curated selection of products from well-known brands like RMS, Tata Harper, and Vintner’s Daughter – as well as boutique brands like Living Libations and Everyday Oil that have quickly become new favorites. Cap also takes clean beauty to a new standard by stocking over 150-strong lineup that is 100% natural and contains no synthetic ingredients. They truly live by their philosophy “Beauty is Wellness. Wellness is Beauty”. My favorite part of the store is the Cap Grocery section which offers all the matcha, adaptogens and vegan treats you could ever want. I can’t walk by without picking up a bag of Moon Juice Activated Maca Mesquite Walnuts or a jar of Cap Coconut Butter to use in a recipe from their incredible cookbook, High Vibrational Beauty. I haven’t experienced their spa yet…lucky for you, writer Mel Kenny wrote a full review on her recent trip to New York. The Marie Veronique facial is next on my list!



Clean Market

Clean Market is another new spot on the Upper East Side that feels like the closest thing to an Erewhon that we have. In addition to their modern apothecary of clean skincare, adaptogens, and medical grade supplements, Clean Market offers an organic menu of signature drinks, power shots, smoothies and snacks free of gluten, refined sugar and refined oils. They also offer treatments like nutrition IV’s, full-spectrum infrared sauna and cryotherapy that make you glow from the inside out.



The Detox Market

LA-based Detox Market just opened their first New York location, a two-storey flagship in Soho in September. They offer a large selection of clean products that adhere to their strict ingredient safety standards. It’s hard to choose, but a few of my favorites include Kjaer Weiss, RMS, Rahua and Marie Veronique. Of course, as an LA-based company they also have an amazing selection of adaptogens and powders from brands like Sun Potion and Moon Juice. The best part is that if you’re new to clean beauty or just love trying ~new things~, Detox Market offers The Detox Box; a box subscription service self-tanners featuring one of their favorite brands each month.