Although you might not glean it from her eminent online presence, Christie Tyler is a self-proclaimed introvert. She’s in good company, too—Albert Einstein, Emma Stone, Audrey Hepburn, and Mahatma Gandhi all identify as the extrovert’s more considered, reticent counterpart.

When you dig a little deeper, it starts to make sense—the empathetic founder of NYC Bambi would like to see a return to values from eras past, such as respecting punctuality, appreciating one another, being genuinely kind to the people we encounter on a daily basis, and keeping respect, decency in the forefront of our minds. Basically, she’s every grandmother’s dream come true.

Despite her introversion (and perhaps owing to it), she’s managed to build a mini empire off the back of what originally started as her personal online scrapbook about four years ago. Today Christie documents her luxe life to a dedicated following and acts as an outlet for her to dip her toes into art, fashion, travel, and interiors. Our lives are all the richer for it, thanks to an overflowing stream of outfit inspo boards, artist profiles, emotive photography, and thoughtful entries. As a whole, her blog is an invaluable lesson in timeless modernity.

Christie’s instagram profile was born from the side of the Internet she adores: the one that is “boundless with creativity and inspiration,” but her Instagram really tests our resilience against the side she’s less fond of: the one that encourages you to “compare yourself to others.” We’re only human, after all.

Christie is New York’s answer to Paris’ Jeanne Damas. She’s our “old soul” soul mate. Since moving from the suburbs to NYC, she’s learned countless lessons in resilience and self-love, sniffed out the best places to eat, shop, and drink, and has fallen for and internalised the city’s empowering energy. She’s also been around the beauty block (approx. 265 times). Once you’re done marvelling at Shelby Rodriguez’s masterful photography and Christie’s effortless ease in front of the lens from the confines of her beautiful apartment, you should take the time to drink in everything this bright young woman has to say. You’ll be glad you did.

Words, Madeleine Woon. Photography, Shelby Rodriguez…

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