Ever dreamed of dedicating your life to the dreams you thought were impossible to achieve? Things like playing guitar in a band, painting for a living, editing magazines, becoming a DJ, starting a fashion label or becoming one of the most in-demand creative consultants?

Oh I’m sorry, you want to do all of that? Are you kidding? Who the fuck do you think you are? Oh wait, you’re Brianna Lance. Part dreamer, part overachiever, and all-round creative tsunami. For most of us, including all of those job titles on one resume would feel somewhat out of reach, let alone too exhausting… but Brianna takes it all in her stride.

“Essentially anything I like doing, I turn into a serious endeavor because I’m constantly in terror of not being productive enough. One of my friends told me it’s because I’m a so-called over-achiever, though I think it’s more a constant struggle to prove myself worthy.”

It’s a sentiment we can all relate to. Trying to prove we are good enough. Searching for belonging and meaning and validation through what we do, by what we achieve. It’s crazy to think that we live in a culture that makes us think we aren’t enough, just as we are. And it’s something that seems to gnaw away at most of us, but perhaps even more so in creatives – something Brianna touches on: “I think most artists are just battling their own insecurities by making work.”

Regardless, Brianna is carving out a pretty attractive version of her best life. A freelance stylist, an in-house designer at Reformation, her very own menswear label (co-founded with her then-partner), three art exhibitions under her belt (Brianna is an avid painter) and Editor at So Goes magazine. The list goes on…

Words, Rose Howard. Images, Chloe Horseman. 

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