Coucou! I’m Christelle Scifo – I’m half French / Australian based by the sea in Sydney. I work with flowers as founder of Fleurette and as a creative director and consultant. My work incorporates still life, set design, floral and interior styling across the fields of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I travel and work between bases in Sydney, Paris and Bali so for this city girl with a love for the sea – my skin sees it all. From the early morning flower markets, to beachside living and the Australian sun, long haul flights to the city of lights and island escapes in the mix; I’ve leant over time the importance of self care, sticking to the basics that work best for me and not overcomplicating my beauty routine.

Morning rituals

I’ve edited my daily skin care routine down to an art. After years of struggling with finding what was right for my skin in my teens and early twenties, big part thanks to my olive yet oily French / Sicilian skin…. I finally found my fit with thanks to my dermatologist, who I see for facials once a month. My 3 part series includes Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel, Environ Toner Forte and my dream cream Dr Spiller blue cream, water based and oil free – the light Aqua Plus for summer and thicker collagen cream for winter and in fight, when I travel. Hydration is key, I always start the day with a cup of hot water and lemon – I find it cleanses and hydrates me, that’s before coffee. 

I have consulted creatively for Grandiflora Fragance since its beginnings more than 6 years ago. Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine the first eau de parfum is still my favourite of the collection. I have just recently started wearing Queen of the Night, of the Night Flowering Cactus too along with burning the limited edition Cire Trudon candle of the same scent. Candles and flowers at home and in my studio, even as I travel are my everyday essentials.


For Everyday To Night:

I’m not a morning person, but get up very early… I don’t make time for a full face of make up, my oily complexion doesn’t allow for it either so I’ve found what works and prefer a fresh, clean face. Perhaps it’s the French girl in me, but the eyes have it, brows and lips too. Jane Iredale Pure Pressed powder with SPF20 is my go to for a little colour, coverage and protection when needed. Boy Brow in Clear and a little of my magic Hourglass Arch Brow sculpting pencil is my new addiction and now a necessity (applied on the go, much like the rest).


Summer Skin

Growing up with the harsh Australian sun, SPF is vital. Most sunscreens with their oily makeup clog and irritate up my sensitive skin. Many I can still use on my body, I love Avene for creams and post sun moisture too. But for face I top up my SPF20 powder base with a little Dermalogica SPF50 Booster in my moisturizer each morning and throughout the day if spent in the sun.




With my face so sensitive and susceptible, I save indulgent products such as oils for the body. I love The Ayu’s new body oils for indulgent self care, spa time at home. They work well with my all time favourite Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser, Scrub and Balm. For my hands, I love to carry with meResurrection Aromatique Hand Balm – heaven after a long day on the flowers.


Hair Care

I wash my hair every second day with a sensitive Klorane shampoo for volume and let it dry naturally to keep my natural wavy texture. 
My best kept, not so secret daily ritual is Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. It seems to work so well with my natural look and gives amazing texture.


Lip Service

 for the lips which I always pick up in Paris (and have already run out of) day to day, before bed and before applying colour. I love papaya our homegrown version too; Lucas Papaw Ointment. I sometimes use it as an eye shadow on the inner corner, to create light around the eye. I blend my desired shade of lip colour, always red, a mix of Chanel, Nars and Mac often with my fingers dabbing onto the lip for a more matte, been there all day finish. I then use Bioderma on a Q tip to tidy around the edges.



The Classic Red

My makeup look is very natural so a red lip compliments my minimal mascara, blush, brows signature. Nails always in a shade to match, I wear burgundy through winter and true reds over summer and vacations. My shade of late is Nars in Starwoman, goes on wet and dries super matte and stays all day (and well into the night). A little trick I learnt from my mum is to use a little of your lipstick as blush. After smudging on the colour dab what’s left on your fingers high up on the cheekbones. I love Cloud Paint in Haze too, over my powder for a similar effect.