It’s great to try new products. It’s advisable. It’s necessary. It’s fun. But every now and then, when you’re rifling through your bathroom cabinet in the morning trying to find your cotton buds and you’re hit with bottle upon bottle of moisturiser and cleanser (and that one body scrub you got for Christmas in 2009), you realise — maybe it’s time you quit hoarding and refine your personal collection to just the bare necessities.

And, no, we don’t mean a bar of soap and tube of toothpaste, we mean those few products you keep coming back to. Like that one mascara that actually doesn’t clump. Or that one cleanser that somehow cleanses, moisturises and combats the general sense of anxiety that pervades your entire being.

Which brings us to the point; Welcome to THE EDIT, where our fave people give us the rundown on their ol’ faithfuls. The products they keep re-purchasing, the secrets they would pass down to their imaginary children, that kind of thing. To borrow a phrase from the great Bruno Mars, the products they would catch a grenade for.

First up is actual angel, stylist, blogger and Oyster Market Editor Chloe Hill.


CHANEL La Solution 10 De Chanel


“My skin hates long flights and ends up dull and a bit sensitive. Since I’ve been travelling so much, this face cream has totally saved me. It’s specifically formulated for sensitive skin and is super hydrating. Yeah it’s a little more exxy than the usual pharmacy find, but you only need a light layer each time so the cost per use is justifiable ;).”


SHU UEMURA Skin Refining Cleansing Oil


“When I first got this cleansing oil I had no idea how to use it… I smothered it over my wet face and couldn’t work out why it didn’t seem to do a thing. Eventually I read the instructions, figured out I was supposed to massage into dry skin, then add water to emulsify the oil. Duh! Now I’m addicted and use it morning and night to draw out excess oil and yucky pollutants.”


MECCA COSMETICA To Save Face SPF50+ Superscreen


“Anyone who knows me knows I wear SPF year-round. So when I find a good sunscreen I loyally re-purchase over and over. Mecca have totally nailed it with this face Superscreen which I apply daily from my face down to my shoulders.”


DERMALOGICA Overnight Clearing Gel


“My whole life I’ve despised spot treatments. My hormonal breakouts would just get dry and irritated and everything I tried seemed to make the situation way worse. Finally I found this bad boy. It actually helps my breakouts, calming them and preventing future spots. It won’t be leaving my bedside anytime soon!”


Words by Emily Royal