Do you remember the nails from Chanel Haute Couture AW 15/16? Of course, you don’t (though we’d be very impressed if you did). But when we caught ourselves flicking through the archives – swooning over the funnel coat covered in crushed pink camellias and gaping at the egghead wigs cut into razor-sharp bobs – we couldn’t help but notice that even after all these years, those minimal, 50s tip-dip nails looked more ‘now’ than ever.

As is so often the case with the famed fashion house, the black and white French manicure alludes to more than a couple of coats of lacquer. It brings to life the enduring legacy of Coco Chanel, of a style that is somehow both timeless and modern (an oxymoron that is not for one moment lost on us, but such is the magic of Chanel).

We could wax lyrical all day on the symbolism of Chanel’s genius, but in the spirit of throwbacks and of easy-to-achieve at-home beauty, we got our resident nail artist Nella Van Veenendaal to break it down into four simple steps.