Clubs, drinks, music, excesswe’re familiar and we’re down. It doesn’t take much to pull our arm, what can we say, a girl needs to unwind. And without showing our age (late 20s, cough early 30s), we’ve had many fond night-time memories to look back on:

Tight high-waisted 90s denim (real tight), cheap vodka (three too many) and a club full of Marlboro lights. Indoors. On the dance floor.

They say scent is closely linked to memory. And the strongest memories from those ciggie soaked nights? Morning after hair, both sexy and somewhat filthy at the same time. Basically we felt we’d woken up and been reborn a Marlboro Light.

Had Byredo’s Gypsy Water for hair been around then, we may have been able to get through the next day surprisingly fresher, surprisingly more upbeat. Who me? Smoke? Mum, you’re delusional.

There’s no denying perfume for hair is a genius idea. Don’t get us wrong, we’re always up for a good hair wash, but hair always looks better two or three days in. When you might not yet need dry shampoo, but a gentle fragrance to give it, you know. A lift.

The scent, as the name suggest, is just what the romantic adventures of a beautiful gypsy woman would smell like is she were say Daria Werbowy in a kaftan and sandals. Translation: bergamot, lemon, pepper, incense, pine needles and orris. We’re hooked.

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