Eyebrows matter.

They frame your face, tie the rest of your make-up together, help you get away with wearing less make-up in general, save face during fashion week when the rest of your make-up slides south throughout the day (groomed brows + a bold lip has saved lives, FYI), and help you disguise what you’re really thinking (e.g. raise them slightly and you’ve instantly snapped yourself out of resting bitch face).

We think whoever said ‘friends don’t let friends have bad eyebrows’ was onto something.

If the set you’ve been given aren’t great, the good news is: you definitely have options. The bad news is: you have way too many options. Of course, friends can help you navigate your way through the wilderness (powder? pencil? gel? liquid? brow mascara?) but unless the recommendation came from your identical brow twin, you probably won’t find your new BHG (brow holy grail, duh).

So we spent a Saturday playing around with palette upon pencil and pencil upon powder to decipher which brow products work best on different brow shapes and sizes – from thick to thin, from bushy to basically non-existent.

And from a pile of over 40 brow products, these are the ones worth knowing about…

#browdown, bitches.

By Carmen Hamilton.

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