Hi hello! I’m Brie, a stylist and writer based in New York.

In 2014 I began as the Fashion Market Editor for GaranceDore.com, developing the editorial fashion content, casting, styling, and writing – creatively working with some of the industry’s heavy hitters and traveling the world while doing it. Eventually, I left my role as the Fashion Director title (3.5 years), my career better for it but, as a result, my skin was left a tad worse-for-wear.

I’ve always had ‘problem’ skin. If only I didn’t love Ding Dongs (those chocolate covered mini cakes) growing up so much…Perhaps I would be getting less laser to even out my skin and enjoying life more. Though I have since figured it out (I think?) with a routine that works and travels well. I just got back from a two week trip to Tokyo and Shanghai, and besides the extreme cold I encountered along the way, my skin is doing just fine.

Minimal Make-Up

Of course, I have more than these four items in my makeup bag (but not many more) and I honestly use them to death, so their packaging is damaged and not great for photos. After my unfortunate over-use of full coverage foundation throughout my teenage years, I discovered tinted moisturiser – this one from Nars has been my go-to for years as it has sunscreen in it. Any step I can eliminate from my routine is a bonus for me. Glossier’s Boy Brow is a revelation – eyebrows frame a face. Also Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk, like a gentle blush/bronzer. Lastly, the Dior Palette I use as a smudgy brown eyeliner. No perfectly slanted cat-eye here.


My Essentials

You will always find these items in whatever purse / bag / tote I am carting around on any given day. I realise a mophie charger is not a beauty item, but if it helps with my sanity it’s helping with my stress level and therefore my skin, right? Tinted Paw Paw is always the answer to adding color to my lips (sometimes cheeks even) – I don’t wear lipstick. Not sure what I’ll do when this perfectly egg-shaped hand lotion runs out, but I’ve never loved a hand creme more than this one from Chanel. And mints! Always have to have fresh breath.


In Case Of Emergency

I used to travel with whatever neon purple plastic toothbrush the dentist gave me after my yearly cleansing, but as I’ve gotten older, I have realised I love an electric toothbrush. This Quip Toothbrush uses a battery, and also looks nice. My friend who lives in Italy says Marvis is the Colgate of Europe though it is both attractive and compact, nonetheless. I swear by cotton buds for everything – the ears, the eyes, to clean electronics AND my tiny blue Mason Pearson brush for my bangs and very naughty hair.


Sparkly Gel Nails

I get manicures about once a month, and normally I ask for the nearly clear pink they use on french tips. Alas, I was in Shanghai and felt the urgency to have them pile on as many layers of gel, iridescent transfers, and glitter necessary to reach my hearts content. A good idea, I think…


Everything In Between

Every morning I drink a glass of water before leaving the bed, and then I fill up that cup again, this time with a Berocca (pictured is an Italian version) tablet and watch it fizz. It contains vitamins B1 and B2, which help release energy.

Alcohol-free / aluminum-free deodorant is also essential – so far this roll on from Aesop is my favourite. The only thing I have used on my hair for the last eight or so years is a little Morrocan Oil. Every morning, I dab Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 all over my face, let it settle in, then massage a swirl of Lesse Oil. If it’s really sunny, I’ll use Glossier Invisible Shield Sunscreen too. In the evening, P50 again and an under-eye cream or Aquaphor!