Blush that makes your cheekbones like #woah

Blush is an all-round good guy. Think hungover Sundays, the morning after, during the thick of winter or when you’ve just stepped out of the ocean (preferably somewhere along the Amalfi coastline) mid summer and an Aperol Spritz is calling your name. A bit of colour on the cheeks just works wonders for a tired complexion. It makes makes you look alive.

We know it’s all about contouring, contouring and… more contouring right now, but a) we’ve already mastered that here in under two minutes, and b) we think blush deserves some airtime. Particularly now that it’s getting cold in the southern hemisphere, our summer glow is long gone and we’re starting to look a little… dull.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t condone obvious blush (FYI, if yours looks painted on, or like you’ve smeared a beetroot over your cheeks, you’re probably doing it wrong). No, we’re all about the subtleties. Think super pared-back skin, undone hair, a bit of mascara, matte lips and slightly flushed cheeks. The kind you get after… well you know where we’re going with this.

You know what they say… fake it ’till you make it.

By Carmen Hamilton.