There’s new school, and then there’s old school. Some will tell you the latest is always the greatest, while others stick to the option that’s tried and tested.

That’s kind of how we feel about good old tinted moisturiser. Sure, BB’s and CC’s have their advantages (colour correcting and ultra-hydrating), but the tinted moisturiser category has time on its side. They’re also usually available in more shades than BB’s and CC’s, so colour is usually a better match and the result is more natural.

Plus, if you’ve already got your skincare routine down-pat (hello multiple serums and natural oils), then all you need is something lightweight with decent coverage that will help to slow the signs of ageing via a built-in SPF.

So in the name of keeping things simple, we’re going back to basics. We put the most raved about tinted moisturisers with SPF to the test, and here are the ones that reigned supreme.

By Carmen Hamilton.