Ok, so we know we’re not solving the bigger problems of the world here, or really contributing much to a worldwide consciousness shift or spiritual revolution, but look, we found this nude Rimmel lipstick the other day and it was an awakening of a totally different kind.

The kind we get when we purchase stuff that doesn’t cost that much, but makes us feel just a little bit better about ourselves; a pair of vintage pro Adidas sneakers, a navy blue nail polish, or a Comme des Garcon clutch that goes with everything.

And if we’re feeling better about ourselves, then surely that’s going to have a positive universal knock on affect right? Which means we’re totally changing the world, one lipstick at a time (yeah, we totally just said that).

So we rounded up our favourite pharmacy lipsticks…the kind you can get without breaking a 20. So go forth, buy, and do your bit in making the world a better place.

By Carlie Fowler.