A few weeks ago as I was putting on a close-to-expiration swipe of Maybelline’s iconic and ubiquitous Great Lash when I noticed that my lashes always stuck together in a way that annoyed me. I’d spend a moment or two separating them as best as possible before heading out. I’d come to the (mistaken) conclusion that no mascara was going to ever tick every one of my boxes, something I’d come to terms with after trying multiple overpriced tubes with lackluster results.

My first introduction to a “fancy mascara” came by the way of Dior’s Lash Show at 16 years old. The biggest difference between my Great Lash and my high school best friend’s Dior was that I went from teenager to vamp in less than a minute. I was fascinated, sure, but not intrigued enough to wear that look on the daily.

To prove that a stubborn Taurus can change, I layered my lashes with multiple upper tier products to find you something worth your hard earned cash. Will you leave the corner store finds behind? With these, I can guarantee that you 99% will.

AM: Glossier Lash Stick

To say I’m surprised that this has changed how I think about mascara is an understatement. I truly like Glossier products, but something about them also feels just as accessible to my younger self. This is not where I thought I’d have my mind changed about moving toward a mascara that was over ten dollars.

As the name would have it, it perfectly glides on without clumping into monstrous mega lashes. Instead it shines, tilts and lengthens with an effortlessness that is kind of unreal? I’m left wondering why I ever doubted it in the first place.


PM: Beauty Counter Volumising Mascara

“But what if I don’t want to look effortless?” Does the no-make-up-make-up ever bore you? I’m actually there with you. Getting carded is one of my favorite compliments and keeping your face neutral and “bare” is my thing, but at night I like to become a different creature! Bold lip, blush and even eyeliner find its way onto my face come darkness.

To help with a glam nightfall look, or to give a bit more during the day for those of you about that life, this curved wand and its textured formula is the one. You have a lot of control (something you should demand when it comes to beauty products) and it makes even a novice feel a little more advanced.


Words and image, Megan Laber.