Let’s set the scene: It’s 3AM on a Sunday morning. You’re rolling home feeling a little drunk and several shades of unworthy. You make a B line for the kitchen, shove a plastic forkful of take-out into your mouth and then head to the bathroom. Sh*t. The face staring back at you is not the same one you saw an hour earlier (while re-applying your bronzer for the 20th time in the back of a cab).

Your eyeliner is smudged, your skin looks like something out of the walking dead and the red lipstick that looked perfect earlier in the night is now making you look like Courtney Love in her heyday (circa 1993).

All you want to do is down a nurofen and go to bed, but you know you should remove your make-up first. The amount of times you’ve flicked through a magazine with some supermodel singing the praises of 8 hours sleep, 2L water a day and removing make-up before bed, mostly makes you feel inadequate but tonight, smug, because you remember you bought some face wipes. A small consolation to how you’ll feel in the morning.

So, in praise of the drunk girl’s guide to removing make-up, we’ve pulled together our favourite cleansing wipes. You know, for the next time you find yourself…a little worse for wear.