You’ve heard the spiel before: your skin is your largest organ, a tan is not healthy, the sun will age you prematurely, etc etc. That being said, we know why it’s so tempting to forgo sunscreen. I mean, it’s sticky, chalky, greasy, a complete pain to wear under makeup and leaves your complexion akin to that of Casper The Friendly Ghost. Cute.

But guys, we’re here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be like that. You and sunscreen can make peace, once and for all. In fact, the more you love your sunscreen, the more it will love you back. It will keep you pigment free, stop you from turning pink and, if you choose wisely, may even act as a very lovely, very effective primer.

Let us reiterate: all those wonderful, anti-ageing, brightening, moisturising, hydrating, plumping lotions and potions you so arduously and ritualistically apply to your face day after day, night after night, are made entirely redundant if you’re not protecting your skin in the first place. That’s right. And if THAT is not enough to gently cajole you into religiously applying sunscreen every day, act not in the name of vanity, but in the name of health. Protect your skin from the sun! Please!

But there we go, rattling off the lecture we said we wouldn’t give. All it comes down to is finding a sunscreen we actually want to apply in the morning. And we think we’ve found some, with a little help

Words, Gemma Clarke 



Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen! It’s like a smoothing primer under make-up but not silicone-y. Great for dry skin too!”




Glossier Invisible Shield! It has a milky texture that leaves no white resiude and applies oh-so-well!”




Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen is a must in my book. Texture like a moisturiser and it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Plus it mixes well with my makeup.”




“I love the hydrating or matte (depending on my face feels!) Protective Daily Moisturiser by Ultraceuticals. I’m starting with the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dry Touch Tinted SPF50+ today… hopefully I won’t turn into an oil slick!”




Zincredible by Go To Skincare. Truly something else!”




Kiehls Ultra Light Defense Mineral SPF50+ is my HG! It absorbs easily, doesn’t leave a white, greasy residue and doesn’t make my skin break out!”




“I love the Armani Mastero UV Skin Defence Primer with SPF50+. Unique thin texture. Not chalky or streaky. Game-changing.”




Daylong Sensitive Light Protective Gel Creme SPF30+. Daylong is a Swiss brand which is getting especially popular in Europe lately… I completely, blindly trust swiss-made products. It feels very light on the skin and the formula is really thin. As its name suggests, stays all day long. P.S. Greetings from Istanbul!”




“I like the Garnier Ambre Solaire Facial SPF30+. It’s affordable, dewy, smells great, doesn’t slip too much under my very minimal face make-up and you can find it in virtually every drugstore and supermarket in Europe.”




SkinCeuticals Physical UV Fusion SPF50+. It’s the best because it’s super watery and light, you don’t even feel it on you. It’s tinted too, so no white cast, and leaves your face virtually poreless. It’s a physical sunscreen – great for sensitive and acne prone skin. Plus, people always tell me my skin looks amazing when it’s on.”