Mascara isn’t one of the things we’re tripping over ourselves to buy, but it plays an important role. It kind of ties the rest of your make-up together in the same way a pair of big black Céline shades can make jeans and a black tee look awesome, but effortless.

Another thing – we don’t like looking like we’re wearing make-up, and mascara usually gives it all away, so a good everyday mascara is hard to come by. It needs to separate and lengthen, and make your lashes look thick without clumping.

Believe us, we’ve searched high and low for this miracle mascara, but usually find we’re a little let down in one way or another.

This sparked our search for the all-rounders. The ones that get people commenting; that make our friends jealous; that can really make something out of well, not much.

The good news is, they do exist. The bad news is, we actually found so many that you might have a hard time choosing.

By Carmen Hamilton.