Here @ THE FILE HQ we live for stuff that makes life just feel…better: the fragrance that nobody else is wearing, the Saint Laurent leather jacket that’s all #bossbitch and the lipstick that stays put even after three mojitos. So when we stumble on a product that truly ticks our clock, we go all in. Case-in-point: oil cleansers. AKA: The bomb.

Now, hear us out, we used to think the same thing that you might be thinking. “My skin is too oily.” “I’ll break out.” “It just doesn’t’ feel clean.” We get it. But we’re here to tell you to drop the oily stigma. Cleansing oils are your new BFF.

Going off the idea that oil- attracts-oil, these cleansers work. They remove all traces of makeup, impurities and surface oil, and even better won’t leave your skin feeling parched. And of course they’re formulated to NOT block pores, that’s the whole point of cleansing, you guys. Makes sense, huh?

While most of us know of the granddaddy of oil cleansers, the Shu Uemura formula, which we’ve been fans of for a long time, here, we’ve ventured out and about to round up six of the best formulations out there. We’ve found one for everyone, so now there’s no excuse.