The word ‘bath’ is pretty much synonymous with Friday night + candles + a glass of red + Erykah Budu on repeat, but we won’t try to pretend we find time for that level of indulgence all that often. Life just didn’t turn out like Pretty Woman.

But every time we make the time, we’re in our element. Kicking back in a hot tub is just that good – particularly when it involves the crème de la crème of bath potions. It’s our favourite way to unwind and release the stress of the day.

We know full-foam makes for a good #bathselfie, but we’re all about the oils for their nourishing and therapeutic benefits. The aromatic scents from essential oils rise with the heat making it the ultimate relax time. It’s like bringing Therme Vals to your bathroom.

Some of our favourites even double as a massage oil, and you know how we feel about a good multi-purpose product.

But if taking a bit of ‘me’ time isn’t motivation enough, consider the numerous health benefits – it improves circulation (beats any kind of physical exercise if you ask us), helps you sleep better, relaxes the muscles, lowers blood pressure, reduces a headache and helps to fight-off flu symptoms.

Count us in.

By Carmen Hamilton.