Hello my name is Barbara Egholm, I am born and raised in Copenhagen. I have been modelling since I was 16 years old and now I am 19. Back then I had to drop out of school because I chose to focus on modelling and see how far I could get, and since that day I have been working full time. Although I quickly found out that not only did I need a backup plan, but I also wanted to finish school and get a degree. Now I am taking my University classes online, which is something I am so grateful for cause I can work and travel white out missing anything! I have a very sensitive skin, something that isn’t always the best thing when it comes to my job. Therefore, I know I have to take extra good care of it. I believe there isn’t one “exceptional product” that can give flawless skin. I think it’s all about finding what’s best for you and your skin, and then just sticking to that, because everyone’s skin is different. Sometimes it can take a long time to find the perfect product for you, but trust me one day you will. I know that because I finally found mine.


Hair care – Mason Pearson

I have really thick hair, and therefore I get a lot of knots in it all the time. It used to drive me crazy until my Mom one day came home with a brush from Mason Pearson and told me she had heard really good things about them. Since that day I have never used another brush, it’s one of the only brushes that just smooths out my knots in the first few strokes so I don’t have to spare 20 minutes every time I want to brush it.


Eyebrows – Castor Oil

I apply a thin layer of Castor oil on my eyebrows every night before I go to bed, in Danish it’s called “Ricinusolie”. I have really dark eyebrows, something I surely got from my dad, so when I had to have them bleached for six months because of my job…let’s just say it didn’t end well! My eyebrows grew so fast I almost had to have them bleached every week. Something that I really have to pay for now because after those six months my eyebrows very seriously damaged. One of my friends told me that I should start using Castor oil because it would help my eyebrows get back to normal, and it seriously has.


Make up – Mineralogie

As I said before I have a very sensitive skin and can easily breakout if I use the wrong make up. That is also one of the reasons why I don’t actually wear makeup, unless I’m going out partying. Sometimes if my skin does breaks out, which let’s face it – it does sometimes, I use my powder or concealer from Mineralogie, that brand works really well for my skin because its paraben-free and eco-friendly. I like it because it doesn’t give my skin the feeling that it can’t breathe.


Cleaning routine – Avéne

Every morning and every night I clean my skin with my skin tonic from Avéne, I put a little bit of it on a cotton bud and then make sure I clean every part of my face. It was totally random that I found this and that it worked with my skin, I have used so many different face washes before this, but none of them have worked as great with my skin. I also found out that by cleaning your face too much, it can also make it worse. This is actually the case with my skin! So all I use is this make up/face cleaner and then just a little bit of water and that’s it!


Face mask – Avéne

This is my all-time favourite. It really works wonders with my skin, I actually don’t know what I would do with out it. Every night before I go to sleep I apply the face mask in a thick layer so it can really work its way into my skin. If I then get some red spots or something like that I apply an extra layer, when I wake up in the morning my face feels brand new! I once got really badly burned in my face by the sun in Cape Town, so I just kept on applying thick layers of the face mask and in just a few days I was fine.

Words, Barbara Egholm.