Hi Angels. My name is Atia and I’m an experience designer living in Sydney, Australia.

Growing up in Sydney definitely shaped my relationship with beauty. As a daughter of migrants from Bangladesh, representation was scarce. I rarely identified with the concepts of beauty that surrounded me. Don’t get me wrong, I have spent a fair amount of time and energy trying to fit them in, but slowly, I have let go and taught myself that beauty is not to be defined by others.

I feel my beauty philosophy these days echoes the philosophy I apply throughout my life, too: do more with less. My beauty ritual is sporadic and sometimes non-existent. The few products I do use are ones that allow me to feel comfortable being myself.

Le Labo’s Santal 33

My signature perfume is Le Labo’s Santal 33, but I like to spritz myself with other scents every now and then. My gorgeous friend, Joel, hand makes perfumes and made me a vile that reminded him of me. It’s a beautiful melody of smokey patchouli and oakwood, with a hint of floral. Every time I put it on I feel full of love.


Orchard St Earth Candle and Coconut Oil

Life keeps me busy. I like to think I get a lot done, so I’ve really grown an appreciation for the time I have to myself. It sounds a little strange, but sometimes I like to just sit with my thoughts and digest the day by candlelight. I’m currently burning the Earth candle from Orchard St, which fills my room with a duet of teakwood and spice.

My mother taught me that the best things you can put on your face and skin are gifts from mother nature herself. Coconut oil is my go-to, particularly in the warmer months. You’ll always find a jar of it in my bag: I lather up from head-to-toe before I go for a swim to stop the saltwater drying me out. During the colder parts of the year, I pop it on an hour before I wash my hair to support my hair’s natural oils.


Mason Pearson Hairbrush

I used to loathe having to brush my hair as a child. My hair is naturally very wavy, which means it is also prone to knots. For me to now praise a hairbrush is a little bizarre, but my Mason Pearson has changed me. It smooths down my mane in a wonderfully gentle way.


Aesop Mouthwash

Dental care has become a really important thing for me recently. I’ve become a brush-twice-a-day, floss-after-every-meal type of person. I was unsure about Aesop’s Mouthwash at first to be honest, but I realised I had just used too much. After reading the instructions properly, it’s now definitely a nice break from the harmful ingredients of more mainstream mouthwashes.


Weleda Skin Food

In my spare time, I do pottery, which leaves my hands feeling super dry after a few hours at the wheel. Recently, I got myself a tube of this, and have never looked back. It lives in my bag now, and I use it as a moisturiser, lip balm, and sometimes even a dewy highlighter.