Moving to NYC four years ago was the best thing I have ever done my for heart and soul, but by far the worst thing I have ever done for my skin. I’m not sure if it’s the pollution, withdrawals from Bondi Beach sunshine and sea air, stress, subway grime or all of the above but after arriving my skin had a complete meltdown that took months of research, dermo visits and product testing to get back under control.

For so long I just ignored the issues, thinking anything beyond cetaphil and a drug store moisturizer would rock the boat and make my skin worse, but as my job as a brand consultant is so outward-facing (sales appointments, presentations, shoots etc) I realized that in order to feel ‘put together’ and professional I need to take a different approach.

It took a lot of trial and error (with many wrong turns) to land on a routine that works for me– but with the help of some good dermatologists, facialists, friends and youtube, my skin is looking the best it ever has!

Biologique Recerche – P50 1970

For so long people had been yammering on about how amazing Biologique is and in particular how life changing the P50 exfoliant toner was and for so long, like a fool, I ignored them.

A few months ago however I finally bit the bullet and tried P50 and my life (read: skin) has never been the same. Brighter, smoother, smaller poors, less breakouts– all the stuff dreams are made of, that’s the result of using this guy after cleansing and before moisturizing, day and night.


CeraVe SA Lotion

By far the sexiest item in my bathroom! Kidding! But also, not really because this moisturizer is wonderful. For anyone with sensitive, dry or acne prone skin– this lotion is heavy enough that you won’t feel like sandpaper 30 seconds after applying it and light enough that you’re not greasing up your face for the rest of the day. It also includes salycic acid which is great for breakouts, psoriasis, dullness and uneven texture so you can really indulge in a guilt-free lather (especially helpful during New York’s cruel winter months).


Glossier – Generation G Lipstick

I use quite a few of the Glossier products –skin tint, boy brow, body hero– but my favorite by far is their Generation G lipstick. Non-drying with staying power, I don’t feel like I need to check my teeth or reapply every 10 minutes and the colors are so good! Leo (a brownish tone) and Jam (a deep berry) are my favorites but I keep all on a constant rotation.


Chanel – CC Cream

I have a weird thing with foundation– I don’t like wearing it, especially during the day.

Instead I’ll dab a little RMS un-cover up around my eyes and on any blemishes then use a small amount of Chanel CC Cream all over to finish me off. It’s so creamy and delicious on my skin and is the perfect level of coverage so I don’t feel too ‘make-up-y’. It also has that Chanel smell which accounts for about 70% of the reason I purchase their products in the first place.


Tom Ford – Tobacco Vanille

I have been wearing this scent since the beginning of time and still love it as much as the day I discovered it. A mix of creamy vanilla and musky tobacco leave you smelling like you’re one foot inside a gentlemen’s club, but in a good way. I never leave the house without it.