At this stage in my THE EDIT career, I’m legitimately surprised I haven’t carked it from Instagram-induced envy. Resilience! If any ‘gram was going to tip me over the edge, though, it would be that of Anne-Sophie Jeannin. My tombstone would read something along the lines of “She died doing something she loved: lurking the deep recesses of the Instagram account of Anne-Sophie Jeannin.” It is guaranteed to make you ~feel some type of way~ with its marrying of holiday snaps from Lisbon and beyond, and tables decorated with cheese, meat, wine, candles, and perf-looking mates.

Outside of nearly killing me, Anne-Sophie is quite possibly the number one fan of essential oils. Big call, but she’s got a collection of 30+ essential oils and infallible skin to back it all the way up. She’s also the founder of Saint Sauveur, an online handmade ceramics store that will gently inspire you to get behind the pottery wheel yourself. To sum things up: Her taste is out of this world.

With flawless taste comes great responsibility, so we asked the French beauty to give us the low-down on her favourite beauty products. Cop the results below. Thanks, Anne-Sophie!

Fragrances (Three Of Them!)

“In the morning, the first thing I do after I shower is put on some perfumes. I have three different ones that I usually wear, depending on the season. My three favourites are Diptyque’s Vetyverio, Fleurs d’Oranger by Serge Lutens, and my Acqua di Colonia Calicantus by Santa Maria Novella.”


Elixir du Palais Royal

“My favourite aspect of my beauty routine is Elixir du Palais Royal. It’s an ingestible plant concentrate that purifies and drains the body. I do it twice per year. You can only buy the elixir in my favourite shop in Paris: Herboristerie du Palais Royal (herbalist’s shop). I drink it in a bottle of water every day for a month.”


MAC Cosmetics Russian Red Lipstick

“I don’t use makeup a lot, but I always have a red lipstick in my bag. My favourite one is MAC’s Russian Red.”


Essential Oils

“Ever since I was a child, my mother has always treated me with essential oils. I now have about 30 essential oils from Aroma Zone. Oils can treat all the worries of everyday life. Menthe poivrée (peppermint) for headaches, lavande aspic (lavender) to relax yourself, and ravensara for stomach ache.”


Red Wine

“The French beauty routine is one glass of red wine per day. If it’s hard for me to drink only one; I try to replace it with a grape juice, because the colour is the same.”


Words, Madeleine Woon.