So, we may have broken the rules slightly on this one. The aim of THE EDIT game is to hone in on our favourite girls’ top 4-6 products, but we widened the parameters slightly for dream girl Anna Feller ‘cause she’s harbouring so many amazing products that we know you’ll want to get about. Rules are made to be broken, right?

We hung out with the blonde babe / founder of amazing holistic site Wilder by Anna Feller in her Sydney home to get the lowdown on her most cherished products, and she came back with the goods — nine of ‘em, to be exact. Find out what’s giving her that glowing, lit-within-skin and keeping her blonde mane so lush and long. On with the roundup!

ENDOTA Glycolic Face Wash


This ENDOTA Glycolic face wash has instantly become my absolute favourite. It is extremely gentle but leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. I never have breakouts and I swear this product is why.

Honourable mention also goes to The ChurchFarm in Byron Bay’s beautiful handmade soaps, which I stock in every room of my house. I love the Rose & Pink Clay in particular. They’re super great for kids too. So much love goes into the making of this product — they are all handmade and just divine! I am also very into the idea of less waste.


Penny France Apothecary Serum


Penny Frances Apothecary is made in small batches in Vancouver, Canada with all the highest quality ingredients. I use this face serum daily before I moisturise. I always heat it up in my hands first by rubbing it together. All the oils are delicately released and the scent is outstanding. All her products are so beautiful, but this is a def fave of mine!


David Mallet Australian Salt Spray


Hands down the best product EVER invented. Everything he has created is so beautiful. It smells amazing and give hairs the perfect texture: not too crunchy and not too soft. It   leaves my hair feeling like I’ve just had a swim at Wategos, and it is always in my handbag.


Santa Maria Novella Protective Oil


I first discovered Santa Maria Novella on a trip to Italy. All their products are so simple and so beautiful. I then fell in love with this protective oil when I was pregnant, as a friend sent it to me. I would put it on after exfoliating and seriously it smells so good and really improved my skin elasticity while pregnant. I didn’t get one stretch mark and I still use it in winter when my skin is very dry. The scent makes me so nostalgia.


Loving Earth Coconut Oil


My ultimate beauty product is definitely raw cold pressed Loving Earth coconut oil. I moisture with this everyday after swimming. I also use it for oil pulling. And put in my hair after long days in the salt and sun. I always have jars everywhere around the house!


AYU Souq Fragrance


I have been using AYU since they came out with their first scent souq I think Alanna actually sent me a sample before they even released it. I can’t imagine my life without it! Every day people comment on how amazing it is. You only need a tiny drop or two as it is a super concentrated blend of Aruvedic herbs in a base of jojoba oil. I always give it as gifts and send it overseas to my girlfriends. Such an intoxicating and grounding scent with just the perfect hint of soft florals.


Stila CC Cream


I love this Stila CC cream as it has an SPF+20. I don’t use it too often as I don’t wear a lot of makeup but it is always my go-to when going out for a lunch or event. I always have some in my car for castings as well. It really brightens up the skin and leaves it quite dewy! Such a great product.


Super Elixir Alkalising Green Powder


I drink Super Elixir almost everyday, along with eating a very well-balanced diet of veggies, probiotic rich foods, home made bone broth, fresh fish and green juices. I really believe that everything we put into our bodies is far more effective then what we put on them externally. I am so obsessed with Elle’s alkalising green powder — it’s so easy to consume when on the move and has been an absolute game changer of a product for me. I love to mix it with fresh young coconuts.




Olaplex has completely changed the hair world. I have been getting my hair coloured for 15 years and the way it strengthens breakage is absolutely astonishing! I use it once a week without fail. I really try and avoid blow drying etc. if I can, and always notice that if I am putting my hair through a lot this product always sorts it out straight away. I always have a bottle on hand and swear by it for my colour treatments.


Words, Madeleine Woon. Photography, Carlie Fowler.