My name is Amanda Rosalina. I’m a model/creative from the island of Key Biscayne—I moved to New York five years ago to study fashion and shoe design. I photograph my travels, I’m a lover of vintage, and I’m a model. I’d love to eventually start my own shoe/vintage clothing line. My own style is always changing, but always seems to find its way, whatever I’m wearing. My mom’s a vintage dealer, so I always get to change my collection out—even some of the pieces she used to wear end up in my closet! When I do shoot, I try to collaborate as much as possible with designers. I’ll often end up using my clothes, too. I’ve developed my very own styling kit!

As for beauty, I suffer from really dry skin—especially having moved from a tropical, ocean-side climate to New York—so my beauty routine has completely changed. I use shower oils and Weleda Skin Food to rehydrate every morning. I rely on my morning shower for my daily beauty routine, and use classic products that use ancient recipes to keep my skin looking hydrated and sun-kissed.

Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash

My beauty routine is centred on my morning shower. It’s a staple activity that either makes or breaks my day. I’ve tried various shower oils, but Body Hero ensures a perfect morning shower. I’m a beauty freak, but one beauty mistake that I can’t seem to shake is not drinking enough water. This shower oil helps that terrible habit, leaving my skin looking and feeling hydrated. It’s a product for daily use that won’t break the bank.


Santa Maria Novella Melograno Soap

My obsession with Santa Maria Novella’s soaps started when I visited the Santa Maria Novella pharmacy in Florence. The fragrant soaps are timeless, using recipes dating back to 1612.


Chanel No. 5

Another thing passed down to me from my mom: Chanel No. 5. Every time she would leave to go to New York for the vintage shows, she would kiss my sister and I goodbye and Chanel No. 5 would linger in the house all day. I don’t stray far from a Chanel fragrance. A timeless and classic scent.


Ouai Dry Shampoo

I am not one to do crazy hairstyling in the morning—the more simple the better—which is why I think Ouai’s Dry Shampoo was made for lazy girls like me. I have super fine, Scandinavian hair, so this easy-to-use product gives my hair that perfect volume and greaseless hair. It lasts all day and leaves me smelling *cue Kanye* straight out the salon, bitch.


Diptyque Eau Plurielle

Eau Plurielle is a good ‘last touch’ for my apartment when guests are making a last-minute appearance.


Words and photography, Amanda Rosalina.