Because of events like Donald Trump becoming president of the US and the grim reaper knocking on the doors of a good chunk of our favourite celebrities, we can all agree that raising a glass of champers and saying goodbye to 2016 wasn’t all that painful. Cya, buddy! Talk to you never!

Now that the dust has settled, we’re starting to work towards 2017 being the best goddamn year of our lives. And in the spirit of looking out for number one, we’ve decided to throw a heap of TLC at ourselves instead of enforcing strict NY’s resolutions that we suspect (know) won’t make it past January 29.

We’re giving our beauty routines a facelift, and we suggest you get around that vibe too. New year, same beautiful us… Just with nicer skin.

I'll sleep with a silk pillow...

To begin with, any pillowcase that isn’t made out of silk shouldn’t have a spot in your 2017. We get it, throwing serious coin at bedding doesn’t always register high on the priority list, but it’s where you plant your face for a third of the day, so it makes sense to invest. Aside from making you feel like you are actually a noughties R&B princess, the silk case keeps your hair smooth and your skin wrinkle free, so you can snooze your way into being a more youthful version of yourself. We’d suggest going for a SLIP Silk Pillowcase, The Ethical Silk Company Pillowcase or a Donna Karen Collection Habutai Silk Pillowcase. If in doubt, sleep on it.


I'll double cleanse...

Now for the sacred ritual of cleansing. Our hot tip for today is to double cleanse, which is exactly what it sounds like — you wash your face twice, starting with a cleansing oil. Although it might seem counter intuitive to wash your face with oil before your cleanse, Japanse women have been double cleansing for centuries, and any beauty resume Japanese women are behind is one we want to adopt. The idea behind the double cleanse is that the oil removes the initial layer of dirt and grime, and is a far gentler way of removing makeup. We recommend giving this practise a whirl using either Dermalogica’s Pre Cleanse, or La Mer The Cleansing Oil.


I'll treat myself to a good cleanser for my skin type...

Next up, your cleanser. For normal to dry skin, we recommend going with the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm. The balm helps to clear out any congested pores and rid your skin of imperfections and makeup — so great its powers are, that it can remove even your most stage 5 clinger waterproof mascara. Another winner is Eve Lom’s Cleanser. The primo cleanser contains clove oil, which helps to clear your skin and get rid of any redness, eucalyptus oil which helps to drain away toxins, Egyptian chamomile which softens and soothes, and cocoa butter to condition.


Our pick for sensitive/problem skin is the Drunk Elephant JuJu Bar. We’ve got one word for you: heaven. This little pH-balanced, multi-tasking guy is formulated with heilmoor clay to tone and detoxify, bamboo powder to refine, omega and antioxidant-rich marula oil to protect and a blend of acai and goji berry to hydrate and balance. Get around that fuss-free cleansing routine.


For dull skin, try African Botanics Baobab Clay Oxygenating Cleasner which dissolves impurities and toxins, reduces pore size and regulates oil production without stripping or drying out the skin. And for oily skin, try the MARIO BADESCU Enzyme Cleansing Gel. Not only is the price right, it’s also like a tall glass of chilled water for your face.


I'll use a mask once a week...

Now that your skin is so fresh and so clean, it’s time to talk about masks. For the avid snoozers among us, we recommend trying out the Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask. Catch some z’s with this bad boy on, and you’ll wake with hydrated glowing skin. Talk about sleeping beauty. To brighten, we’d go with the OLE HENRIKSEN POWER Bright™ 3-step Professional Brightening System, which helps to deliver max radiance while getting rid of any pesky fine lines. If you’re after a foil/sheet mask, pop the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Powerfoil Mask in your shopping basket, and look forward to your skin looking fresh af.


If your skin is begging for a lil’ #detox, pop on ESTELLE & THILD’s Biocleanse Deep Cleansing Detox Mask and watch as your impurities magically fade away. If your skin is thirstier than you are on a TGIF arvo, go for FOR BELOVED ONEExtreme Hydration Bio-Cellulose Mask and reap the benefits of soft n’ supple skin. And, last but not least, if you’re looking to improve the tone and elasticity of your skin, hit up JUNE JACOBS Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque.