Our latest girl crush, Alice Moireau, is here to gently inspire you to overhaul your entire aesthetic with her Instagram feed; a pastel-washed wonderland that oozes Euro summer vibes. Personally, it’s inspiring me to turn the notch up on my heater, so I can peel off the layers, recline in my wicker chair, sip my percolated coffee, and pretend I’m basking in the sun in the South of France, and not sitting here in the Southern *freeze my butt off* Hemisphere. I can almost feel the sand between my toes.

Outside of modelling and #inspiring, you’ll find the French model hitting tiny cinemas with her boyfriend, doing a pretty tidy job of recreating the iconic pic of Sade wearing a red towel around her head, styling food, or casually accumulating every product on your French pharmacy bucket list. She also studies graphic design and takes photos with her film cameras, and has a plan to one day open a creative agency for the visual identity of restaurants, where she would “work in collaboration with graphic designers on the logos and menus, and interior designers in order to create restaurants’ concepts.”

“As you can see, I like to do a lot of things and always be busy,” she explains. “That’s why I like to have on me my day cream, if I don’t sleep at home, and two to three different lipsticks, for if I have an unexpected party coming on. I also grew up in the countryside. When I was a kid, I had a big garden, so my mum was very fond of natural products that we could grow. I discovered essential oils, natural perfume, clay… I’m not very fond of make-up, but I tend to use a lot of mascara, and raspberry lipstick!”

Read on to find out all the so French, so chic products that keep the genetically-blessed human looking infallible 24/7. Merci beaucoup, Alice!

Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich

“My skin tends to be dry and sensitive, so I mostly use pharmacy creams, like Hydreane from La Roche-Posay and Crème Fraiche from Nuxe. But I ran out of my creams when I was in New York, and I forced myself to discover something new. There was a Glossier showroom in Soho that I went to, and I couldn’t resist that lavender cream they had. I now wear it all the time, making my French creams jealous.”


Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk

“When I have to go out but I really can’t wash my hair, and it feels a bit tired, I use this dry shampoo by Klorane. It adds texture and feels safe for my scalp, not like the other dry shampoos I used to have. It cleans my hair in few minutes and gives me a fresh look.”


Caudalie Divine Oil

“I am not a fan of dry oils, because it often is a lie, but this one doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy. Divine Oil contains a blend of grapeseed, hibiscus, sesame, and argan oils. It’s very rich. I apply this oil when I want to have a fresh face. It’s magic; you look like you just caught the sun. And I love this product because you can basically apply it everywhere you want. Hair, skin, face…”


Tea Tree Essential Oil

“I am really fond of essential oils. I use them all the time, when I’m sick or feeling down, when I can’t sleep, or when I’m tired. This one is my little secret remedy whenever I see a spot coming out of nowhere on my face. Before going to bed, I apply a drop of this essential oil called tea tree with a cotton bud, and the next morning, the spot is already dry. Just be careful not to apply it before going outside – it can cause pigmentation if you catch the sun.”


Phyto Hydrating Day Cream

“My hair is very, dry and I really take good care of it. My favourite brand for hair rescue is Phyto. I specifically use this product, infused with plants, called Day Cream. Since I started to use it, my hair is much more hydrated than it used to be. It looks healthy and shiny. After shampooing, I apply a pea-sized amount of cream on my dry hair, concentrating on the ends.”



Words, Madeleine Woon. Photography, Alice Moireau